Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Kindness of God at a K Mets Game

So I get out the phone number of some one I feel I need / ought to call - pastorally. A troubled, deeply-in-crisis last time we talked person (trying to be nondescript here). This soul is not part of our church, nor have they called me in a while. Were they better or was it over, too late, beyond remedy...

So, I have the number in hand & don't call... too tired, its late in the day. Not feeling up to handling what I expect to be bad news. Not sure they still live there... Just can't, don't... not sure if I am coping out or being honest...

So, we go to see Roger Clemens & his son at the K Mets game again.
Who else do I see at the game?
Who do I get to visit with & do some checking up on?
Who do I find out is doing better than I would have guessed?
Who do I get to breifly challenge / exhort, encourage?

Thank You LORD!
And as weak as this is, forgive me for where in this I did not follow you.

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daniel greeson said...

the pressures of pastoral duties.

that is quite a text to wrestle with. what were your points?