Sunday, July 17, 2005

Proof I don't get it ... maybe

I have more than once wondered . . . could it be that many of us are funtionally emergent, even if we are not so labled? But due to age, hipness factor, lingo, technology... we are not seen as such in the - here I go, watch me here - conversation ;-)

We are straddled with a traditional building, within a denom. & so are the old wineskins, by default... Frankly, much of what I read about in Emrg. is stuff I have done / espoused for years (a decade & a half). I am sure I am missing some key pieces, & don't get it, but there is an element in emer. conversation of a seeming strong need to make a "we / them", even if at times it does not exist...

Oh well, I probably just proved "I don't get it" - like the any one who turns down a opportunity to sale Amway ;-)

I have been out of or at least not doing traditional ministry for so long, I forget the proponderance of churches can seem / be tradition driven. Maybe that is the snag.

Hope this makes sense... go easy on me, I am an older white male geiser, the very picture of "the system". Sorry, did I slide into political jargon there?

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Rich said...

I think you are stuck on the surface/form stuff... Go see Scot M some more... :)