Monday, July 18, 2005

Rocket Man - near miss

Went to a Kingsport Mets game tonight with the older three. Three stories:

1. A guy - 5'11" - pitched in the mid 90's

2. Roger Clemens' kid (Kody?) played - one of his first pro games.

3. Roger Clemens was at the game. We, and a 100+ others, tried & failed to get his autograph. A few lucky ones got it before he left the stadium. FYI: He is a big guy.

We did get his kid's autograph. Fun time & a free game.


Rich said...

Koby is the name...

Wonder if Rocket will be there again tonight? Needs to see his kid's first hit, right?

daniel greeson said...

i love baseball games... I hope to go to some of Nashville's minor league team this fall..