Friday, July 08, 2005

Stolen from Scot McKnight

That alternative is this: the Christian faith or following Jesus, whichever linguistic turn you prefer, is a meta-narrative. But it is not a modernist meta-narrative that is the result of scientific research, objectivist analysis, and indubitable certainties. Nor is it a postmodernist construction, but a "proper confidence" in the work of God in and through Jesus Christ who invites each of us to walk into the story of God and become a character in God's story in this world. One could say the postmodernists have taught us that modernist truth claims might be more gently expressed today, by the Christian, as truth proclaims. One comes into contact with this "noumena," not be science but by seeing it performed by the community of Jesus, and that all of this is work of the Holy Spirit, grasped by a faith commitment.


Scot McKnight said...

In blogdom, like in the world of Josephus, there is no copyrights so there isn't any stealing.

Nice blogsite. Do you know Doug Halsne in Maryville?

Kerry Doyal said...

Thanks Scot