Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pray for Mom - please & thanks

We are again honored to have my Mom with us. Maybe until late Aug.

Pray for her as feels that since she is unable to stay alone, in her own house, she is stupid. She knows her new limits and they slap her in her face. It is so sad. Not a matter of logic or weak faith, but very real.

Pray for her to feel at home here again. Due to her worrying, we did not tell her she was coming to TN with us until an hour before we packed her up. Thankfully, she takes it overall very well. She - praise God - knows we are doing what we think is best for her & she trusts us in that.

My brother is having a her a room built & the construction process would start to be invasive on the house & worrisome to Mom, so it was great timing to be in GA & bring her up. We are hoping it is "out of sight, out of mind" as far as construction concerns. Unfortunately, it will be new things here, or where ever she is.

Please pray for her / us. Please speak to her when you see her - if she comes to church. Maybe drop her a card. Give her a call here at the house...

You are her extended family here. Please give that some thot. That is no small statement, not one I make lightly.

The mega church she is a memeber of in GA - one of the denomination's biggest - continues to send her offering envelopes & that is it. No calls, visits, cards... There was a meal after dad died & a card or two. Do you sense some bitterness on my part? YES! If this lesson is wasted on me (us), woe be to us. And may God forgive any self-righteousness or unfairness on my part.

As believers, we are family, not just co-worshippers & co-laborers. This is not a "guilt you" statement, but a reminder to each of us of our duties towards each of us. We need to break even more cultural bonds and step more deeply into each other's lives, even if not invited. Yes, even if not invited (read 1 Thess.).

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