Monday, August 01, 2005

Changes a foot - Our School House is Rocked

Our four boys - all four of them - will be in public schools this year. We (MY WIFE) has home schooled them in part or all of them some years. Karter went to Middle school last year - great experience. Kamron went to public school for K (repeated - had his first dose at home) & 1st grade - also a great experience. Other than that, it has been Robin & the Krew. She is ready for a break.

Karissa - our 16 year old will be home schooled for her Sr. Year, but she is very "low maintenance" - meaning she is incredibly self motivated, and does most of it herself. She has an awesome work ethic. She will be taking college classes again.

So, pray for Robin - my beloved. Life is about to change for her. She will be refocusing, redefining her pursuits, the use of her time...

Pray also for our boys to be ambassadors, good friends, discerning, bold, gracious and diligent students.

We will have kids in five different schools (Elem., Middle, Sr. High, Home & College). Can you say PTA?

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