Thursday, September 29, 2005

Unintended Racism - Real & Ugly None the less

I remember when it dawned on me in my 30’s that I had never - as I can recall - heard even as much as an application of the gospel on racism, much less a sermon on this topic.

I grew up in “solid” Bible teaching (white) churches in the South. I do remember rumors of deacons guarding the doors for disruptive radicals (blacks). I now recall & recognize code racist language in church and suspicion of liberals who were “into those social causes”.

To have been baptised in this setting for 18 + years, it was all but impossible to know what was missing. I had been saved, I had been baptized, I had joined, I had, I…, I, I. What more was there other that getting other people saved and supporting missions - over there?

I have needed and deeply appreciate some patient, mature Af. Americans in my life who put up with left over bigotry I am still blind to. Recovery is slow because new sight can come slowly, no matter how much it is desired.

Redefining assumed correct areas is more than repentance. Repentance rejects known areas of sin. Sanctification means encountering new old areas all the time. Those ugly “ah ha” moments when the Spirit tenderly shows you pockets of sinful thinking & attitudes. If nothing else keeps us humble in life, this ought.

God help us.


Rich said...

Have you checked out Scot McKnight's latest series on racism? Also, he links to Post-ModernNegro Anthony Smith's site for some good posts.

Kerry Doyal said...

Yes, in fact, I copied this from one of my posts there.

Can you pick out one of the Af Am's I am thinking of?

fr'nklin said...

You know, I grew up very racist. I was about 30 b4 it changed in my life. I remember a Christian prof at Duke telling me, I'd rather hear my kid say the "f" word than to say the word "n...". I've pretty much raised my kids on that philosophy.

Thankfully, they've gotten enough multicutluralism and postmodernism in school that it really isn't an issue for them...although our city and our faith community is still racially divided. My challenge is to show them WHY racisim is so evil...not because we're all "created equal", but because God has made us ONE in Christ.

Rich said...


Hmmmm... My wife maybe? :)

My challenge will be unique for most white men as it applies to their kids. I'll be teaching why and at the same time wiping tears when they are crushed by racism.

I remember Zxyan, my stepdaughter, coming home when she was 7 crying because a mean little boy told her she needed to 'go back to africa' that we didn't need her kind here. 7 year old boys don't figure out such phrases for themselves. It was the first time I was in the spot help her past this while being a part of the race that 'did this' to her. Her mother and I walked her through it and the little boy was suspended from school.

I am sure that my 3 children will hear plenty of ugly things growing up and it will be tough.

Kerry Doyal said...

Rich - what an irony: your kids will have "legit reasons" to be racist / prejudiced, yet you & Vette want let that stand.

Larry said...

I have recently read The American Prophecies by Michael Evans, and while I avoid overanticipation of the end of this age, I was intrigued by the ever-present theme of rascism's role in the battle for souls. I wish more people would approach this issue, the salvation of millions may depend on it.

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