Saturday, September 03, 2005

Compassion Fatigue

This week of Katrina has worn us out. My wife & I feel a compassion / care taker fatgiue and we have not even left our homes. I post this not for pity, but to remind us to pray for the on-site caretakers. Two I will mention by name: John Gerhardt & Paul Erdman (& their wives / families) of Urban Impact / Castle Rock Comm. Ch., an inner city "Nawlins" ministry that evacutated 70 + people to Arkansas. see

I met a Salvation Army officer yesterday who, along with his wife, is being deployed to Houston to care for refugees. Pray for Matt & his wife (didn't meet her / get her name).

Neat God-timing story. Monday I was at a camp in KY. I brought home some extra food stock to use in ministry some how; camp is over & it would just sit there. Friday I was able to put in on a Salvation Army truck heading to New Orleans. I loved the thought of a poor KY camp in the hollers serving the inner city poor. Fun to have had a small hand in. Thanks to Joe P. for mentioning to me in passing that the Sal. Army was loading a truck. He & his wife - two of the poorest in our body - donated extra baby clothes & items; things they were going to use for a yard sale for sorely needed extra cash for them . Widow's Mites and loaves & fishes still exist. May God bless, break & multiply.

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John Frye said...

Kerry, who would have thought that a young man out of the hills of Galilee would revolutionalize the world with love? I'm glad the camp in the KY hollers was "Jesus" to the needy of "Nawlins."