Sunday, October 10, 2004

Saddle up your horses . . .

Three years ago, my family hitched our wagon to God's leading & headed to a new chapter of life (ignored the mixed metaphor). Today, our church gets to follow suite.

Property rich & cash poor, our church is needing to sale its building. No small step. Thankfully, the place is not who we are. Though financially deficient to maintain a large, wonderful building, we are otherwise strong, healthy & maturing - the real crux of the matter. (FYI - "crux" comes from the word cross or crucifixion - any church's true central matter.

So the Shepherd is leading the sheep to find its identity increasingly & solely in HIM. Not a bad place - figuratively now more than ever - in which to be. I am proud of the good leaders & people I am honored to serve. A real people of grace!


John Dumbrille said...

I'm with you on this. My wife and I look after a small place for religious practice and prayer on Bowen Island. We may build a bigger one, but over the years have found that speculating on our success based on objective notions of reach can be seductive and misleading. Big or small, the mustard seed and all that.
All the best with your church and life in God~

Kerry Doyal said...

Thanks John, my island friend - KSD

TxHHizIf said...

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