Saturday, October 16, 2004

Happy Birthday Kaleb ! ! !

Our fourth child turns 10 today, making him our fourth "double-digit dude". We now have only one kid under 10 years of age. For some reason, that struck me this morning, making my back feel even stiffer.

Da Oldest of our Krew - our onliest girl - is a Jr. camp counselor this weekend.
Number One son has had some hearing restored with tubes in his ears again (4th time).
Number Two son is enjoying Robinson Middle School & has been elected a Scout Patrol Leader.
Number Four son, our first grader, will miss his "birthday brother" today, as he goes to a Webelos activity. He is enjoying Andrew Jackson Elem. & has a great teacher (again).

Final child note: we now have children in Elementary, Middle, Senior High & College.

We have been inexpressibly blessed (see Ps. 127).

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