Wednesday, October 06, 2004

"No Respect" a Rodney Dangerfield Tribute

"I tell ya, I get no respect." What a funny guy, that Dangerfield. He met His maker last night. After being in a coma for weeks, his time ran out.

I admit it, I was a fan. Though sadly foul-mouthed at times, he was also flat out funny. (Does it reveal too much to say you liked him / felt a kinship with him...)

His passing made he wonder if he was ready to meet the One who most deserved respect. I wondered at the Almighty rightfully saying about us to the angels, "I get no respect."

While we should say prayers for the grieving family of the departed, we can also be reminded - ironically - to show respect to the One we will all face some day, ready or not.

Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline." (NIV)


Ali said...

Hi dear Kerry,
thanks for your comment.of course Faith only can rescue us and faith has 3 degrees:1-by tongue 2-by heart 3-acting by body.a real faith has all 3 degrees.God is so great and unique that He shares nobody in His Power,even His prophets are His blessed servant sent as teachers to people.

Barnabas's Gospel:
Chapter 70
Jesus departed from Jerusalem after the Passover, and entered into the borders of Caesarea Philippi. Whereupon, the angel Gabriel having told him of the sedition which was beginning among the common people, he asked his disciples, saying: "What do men say of me?" They said: "Some say that you are Elijah, others Jeremiah, and others one of the old prophets." Jesus answered: "And you; what say you that I am?" Peter answered: "You are Christ, son of God."
Then was Jesus angry, and with anger rebuked him, saying: "Begone and depart from me, because you are the devil and seek to cause me offences And he threatened the eleven, saying: "Woe to you if you believe this, for I have won from God a great curse against those who believe this." And he was fain to cast away Peter; whereupon the eleven besought Jesus for him, who cast him not away, but again rebuked him saying: "Beware that never again you say such words, because God would reprobate you!" Peter wept and said: "Lord, I have spoken foolishly; beseech God that he pardon me."
Then Jesus said: "If our God willed not to show himself to Moses his servant, nor to Elijah whom he so loved, nor to any prophet, will you think that God should show himself to this faithless generation? But know you not that God has created all things of nothing with one single word, and all men have had their origin out of a piece of clay? Now, how shall God have likeness to man? Woe to those who suffer themselves to be deceived of Satan!" And having said this, Jesus besought God for Peter, the eleven and Peter weeping, and saying: "So be it, so be it, O blessed Lord our God." Afterwards Jesus departed and went into Galilee, in order that this vain opinion which the common folk began to hold concerning him might be extinguished.
Chapter 71
Jesus having arrived in his own country, it was spread through all the region of Galilee how that Jesus the prophet was come to Nazareth. Whereupon with diligence sought they the sick and brought them to him, beseeching him that he would touch them with his hands. And so great was the multitude that a certain rich man, sick of the palsy, not being able to get himself carried through the door, had himself carried up to the roof of the house in which Jesus was, and having caused the roof to be uncovered, had himself let down by sheets in front of Jesus. Jesus stood for a moment in hesitation, and then he said: "Fear not, brother, for your sins are forgiven you." Every one was offended hearing this, and they said: "And who is this who forgives sins?"
Then Jesus said: "As God lives, I am not able to forgive sins, nor is any man, but God alone forgives. But as servant of God I can beseech him for the sins of others: and so I have besought him for this sick man, and I am sure that God has heard my prayer. Wherefore, that you may know the truth, I say to this sick man: "In the name of the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham and his sons, rise up healed!"" And when Jesus had said this the sick man rose up healed, and glorified God.
Then the common people besought Jesus that he would beseech God for the sick who stood outside. Whereupon Jesus went out to them, and, having lifted up his hands, said: "Lord God of hosts, the living God, the true God, the holy God, that never will die; having mercy upon them!" Whereupon every one answered: "Amen.". And this having been said, Jesus laid his hands upon the sick folk, and they all received their health. Thereupon they magnified God, saying: "God has visited us by his prophet, and a great prophet has God sent to us."

God bless you.

frump said...

hey there christian bro!

interesting comment by that other dude... i dont understand what gives you the right to dictate what constitutes true faith...

and the "gospel of barnabas" is not a great source considering its not inspired by God... and therefore not the word of GOd, dont ya think?

frump said...

whoa... i only just read it properly... how can a christian not beleive that jesus is the son of God???


Kerry Doyal said...

Jesus not only repeatedly told people HE (as God's Son) forgave them, the Jews were scandalized and incensed by this calim. They threatend to kill Him due to this unambigous divine perogitive.

He never "clarified" their understanding. They heard Him right, He forgave sins (see Mark 2:1-12). AND - praise be unto HIM - He still does!

As per the importance of Jesus as the SOn of God - look at this one verse: 1 John 4:15 "If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in him and he in God."

tere said...

Hi, hope you and yours are doing well. I'll have to admit too, I liked Rodney. Tere