Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I am tired . . .

. . . but hopeful.
There is a great verse in Judges 8 about Gideon and his men. It describes them, in the midst of battle, as "weary, yet pursuing." I love that!

I ask myself at times, "am I tired of or from the ministry?". There is a huge difference. One just requires a little extra nap, the other is ... yikes!

FYI: I am just tired "from" - a good tired. Like Gideon, I too am in pursuit with some great God-given guys, ready to cross the river before us, by God's grace & enablement.

As good a group as they are, for the record, my best "skin & bones" encourager is my dear wife - 20 years this Dec. 1!.

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Sarah said...

I can really relate to your fatigue. My church "job" is in addition to full-time employment elsewhere. Additionally, being a compulsive workaholic makes me especially prone to burnout. It can be very difficult to let the body get its necessary rest, when one is so passionate about the work at hand.

Best wishes getting your strength and energy back!