Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Miscel.

Good day with God's folk at church.
Nice lunch with the Seatons and Mozers.
Sweet VBS program for Kaleb & Kamron this PM,
- a VBS put on by three churches: a Ch of God, S. Bapt & U Method. churches - neat unity.
Kimsey & Karter packing for camp (s) - Bancroft this week, Scout camp next
I need to decide about going to EFCA Nat Confer in Pitt., PA at month's end... have a ride, scholarship money... no houseing arrangments yet. I may room with a missinary friend. in Mexico . . .
We need to plan if we are going to IL this summer - Robin & the kids may need to go without me...
I am speaking at a camp in KY in July - plese pray

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