Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sat AM

Stayed up late watching Spider Man II with the guys (2 AM)
good movie, but - yawn - I is sleepy
I think they gave in by having MJ run from the altar to Peter.
Yes, sweet ending, but the easy way out.
To clean / feel good of a ending.
I know, they can make up for it by having Green Gob II take out MJ in # 3...
jus kiddin' - it ain't Bat Man (aka as Dark Man)

Heading off soon to take Karissa to work
Robin & the little guys are at a home school book sale.
Big boys are z z z z z -ing. They may be paintballing later

A second church starts using our building tonight - seem like great folks.
It is an honor to share kingdom resources.


daniel greeson said...

Kingsport, near Virginia right? I hear that is beautiful country!
God bless you as well brother.


Neal W. said...

I wish everyone would see their resources as God's resources...I love that attitude.