Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just stuff - life

Karter's baseball team is 4& 1. Kimsey's is close to that, I think
Yes, they are having fun . . . winning is lots of fun.

Karissa is working lots of hours this week - making bucks
Karter helped friend move & got $80 - good stuff
Robin works from dawn to dusk & gets squat
well - we share, so I guess that counts

I can not imagine being married to a mate I couldn't trust.
I never even think in terms of "do I trust her?"
Nor, I feel certain, does she. I am a blessed man . She did okay
May each of you be even half as blessed as I am with her.

YO - 'Vette - I drove up tonight & Robin was ... ready ... cutting the grass. I thought of you. For the record, I had cut some earlier & then cut some tonight until dusk.


Evette said...

God has sure blessed you guys with such great women....what would you do without us? :0

Kerry Doyal said...

what would we do?

the whole lawn, as usual...