Thursday, September 23, 2004

His first school dance

Well I never thot this day would come. When you home school, there are not many school dances. But, when you sign up an heir (number three child) for public school...

Four bucks at the door, a DJ, chaperones crawling all over the place, and peer pressure beyond that. Sixth - eight graders wondering if each has a boy or girl friend.

The biggest impression of the night for me is my son's courage to go alone to this dance, hoping merely to see some friends and just hang out, talk and have a good time. The courage to do that is commendable, enviable.

Thankfully, on the way home as we debriefed, I was able to tell him how proud I was of his courage & confidence. We also spoke of the awkwardness of these settings - something probably everyone there had to face. We discussed the pressure on popular / good looking kids too. They potentially have even more pressure at such events. People expect them to have a big outing...

Are there any winners at these things (can you tell my bias & middle school experience)? My son was one. He learned more of relating to others, of what his peers are driven by, and to think through the event from a Christian perspective - not just condemning, but learning discernment and holy relational skills. With him being a 7th grader, the risks were low, the pressures not as great, but that, like almost everything else in his life, will change. I am convinced that a school dance, "stag" for my Vooter (his nickname), was another small part of preparing him for life.

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