Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A good night at Boy Scouts

Having been blessed with four sons, Scouts is a God send (two Boy Scouts, a Webelo, and a Cub Scout). Not only do they have fun, I enjoy it too. I have learned about as much as they have. Being in a top notch troop doesn't hurt. Yeah Troop 48!

For the record, God has blessed my wife & I with a daughter as well. And a fine young lady she is - our Drama Queen. We enjoy that & her too.

Grace, grace, grace . . . Indeed, every good and perfect gift is from our Heavenly Father.

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riceburner147 said...

Thanks for your kind comment. I was an Eagle scout (troop 416 phila council) and count it some of my best years. still love astronomy. my sister always said when i took a girl out to see the stars, she SAW THE STARS! btw, please be careful for your boys, had a few not so good experiences also.