Monday, April 03, 2006

Back Home

Doing the wedding of two kids you saw grow up - indescribable.

Many thanks to all at GEFC who plugged holes & met needs while we were in IL

Dues to weather & lateness, we didn't drive through last night. We caught a room
in KY with a good breakfast, pool... ;-) & got in today about 3 PM. Kids missed school. Kudos to Kimsey & Karter for wanting to get home so they would NOT miss school.

A good trip: busy, encouraging & fun. Robin & I visited a critically ill dear
older friend on Thur. He went to be with the Lord Sat. AM. I was able to go and
be with the family Sat. AM as they waited for his body to be picked up (donated
to science). What an honor. He was a neat, godly, "salt of the earth"
man (a WWII vet).

Wedding went well (yes, I cried). Preached in both Sun AM services from Mark 14
- deja vu for the family - they cried ;-)

It is good to be back home.

I am proud of how GEFC ( stepped up, owned it, did it... I am not sure I can totaly say why, or describe how, but they seemed to step up, own it in a new way. Very encouraging.


Dodi said...

You did a wonderful job at the wedding, bro and it blessed me very much. Thanks for sending on the notes for the ceremony, and for just being YOU.

Kerry Doyal said...

I was proud of you conducted yourself too . . .