Monday, May 09, 2005

This week: Baseball, NY, Scouts, Mom . . .

Karissa heads to NY with the Drama Club to see shows
She has tickets for Julius Caeasar with Denzel Washington
We are jealous / excited for her

Kimsey & Karter are in baseball,
though the new fields in town are not ready . . .
any one know why?
Kimsey's team has not had one practice & will not this week
First game ... next week
"Hi, I'm your coach. Can you Pitch? Here's the ball"
For the record - not his fault

Kaleb is an official Boy Scout, having finished Webelows
Kamron is a Cub Scout
They are also in AWANA

Column due this week
Kimsey & Karter may be on a Scout trip / hike on App. Trail this weekend

Mom is still up with us
My brother Kevin may be coming up Thur. with Kathy
(s h h h ... don't tell Mom)

God is good, faithful, merciful, patient & forgiving

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