Monday, December 13, 2004

The Preacher Went Down to GA

I drove my mom back to GA Sun PM & flew back to TN Monday. Gate D - my gate - at the ATL Airport was shut down briefly due to a suspicious package... Thankfully, it was a short scare & my flight was only delayed 10 minutes. I had already been treated to Homeland Security's finest scrutiny (shoes off, the wand, the pat down, the test your bag for drugs / chemicals).

I did not mind - it is the price of freedom of movement. They responded with surprise and apprecaiton whrn I thanked them. They said they are often not treated too kind. I feel the innocent have nothing to hide & if it is too burdensome, drive. It goes with the price of the ticket.

Mom is doing better (dad died 12 days ago). It was an honor to have her with us. It is so hard to mentally or emotionally place her in the Widow category. Forget the thought - at this point - of her remarrying!

I feel I have joined a new fraternity - those who have lost a parent. It is interesting how people's responses, comfort, words seem to almost naturally fall into those divisions - those who have left a parent have a different comiseration. I guess I experienced this with my brother's suicide, but this is different (untainted, shame-free...).

It is interesting how being a pastor makes it even harder for many to know what to do, say... Death creates enough awkwardness for people, but being a pastor seems to compound that for lots of good hearted, yet conflicted, confused potential comforters. HOT TIP - just treat us like people, because... we is
;-) We are not above your seeking to reaffirm us, our faith or encourage us. If anything, the awkard silence of many may call for even bolder words / deeds of comfort from those who do speak up. Presence is the key.


Rich said...

Thankfully, not to look for a soul to steal.

Lemme tell ya, It's been neat to see how you've handled things the past 2 weeks. It's a real encouragement to see you 'living the life'. Watching a man 'be a man' is nothing to sneeze at. Being so close to my own family, I thinks it is awesome to see you be who you are to your family. You are a mentor in more than just a good advice giver and ear to hear...

Kerry Doyal said...

Thanks. That means even more coming from you.