Monday, November 01, 2004

A Tribute to a Good Man, a very Good Man

My Uncle Tommy Oakley died early this morning. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ, this meant an entrance into the presence of God and being welcomed on the basis of the blood and righteousness of Christ. Mercy was his, grace was his. Hope was his and ours.

We had a kid at our Halloween party Sat. night dressed up as a face of death. Her name is Hope. Made me think... If you looked closely into death's face / mask (& I did) you could see Hope behind it - smiling in fact. So it is for the believer. Because of Jesus'death, life & grace, we have hope in the very face of death. And yes, there is hope hiding behind death, smiling.

Today - the day of Uncle Tommy's death - is All Saint's Day. He may not have died for Christ, but more importantly, he lived for Him. And does so still, evermore and even more, without hindrance of temptation, sin or illness. Makes one jealous.

Our prayers go up & out for Aunt Sandra, Kelly, Cari & their (our) families.

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